To the editor:
Tuesday's letter to the editor by Bruce Wiley regarding John Bradford and parking in Topeka was one of the most venomous, mean-spirited pieces I have read in the paper in a long time. I am sorry it was published. This sarcastic, childish article of 20 paragraphs was ridiculous and indicative of too many negative attitudes that seem to permeate this town.
That being said, the fact of the matter is there is a serious parking problem in and around the Capitol in Topeka. Don’t believe me? Go try and park and conduct business for any extended period of time in the Capitol.
Given the long distances many representatives and senators must travel from day to day to do their job, parking privileges should be considered for these legislators. Traffic accidents or delays on the highway can result in significant parking problems in Topeka, ultimately causing delays in government business.
I expect our representatives to be at work in the Capitol, safely and on time. If that means, some kind of parking privilege, close to the Dome, then they deserve that. As for Mr. Wiley, can you please find something nice to write about?
RD Johnson