To the editor:
As a Vietnam-era Navy veteran, and having close relatives who served in every war from the Civil War to the Gulf War, I am disappointed with President Barack Obama’s dithering foreign policy. I am not a partisan person, and I have been a registered Independent for many years.
President Obama’s complete withdrawal from Iraq has allowed the Sunni/al Qaida terrorists to make a huge comeback in Iraq, and threaten peace in the Middle East. It could ultimately set the stage for the establishment of bases to promote attacks throughout the world, including the U.S. Is Afghanistan next?
Obama’s inattention to Iraq’s previous request for air support in May has led to the current threatening situation.
The 5,000 American contractors and embassy staff are in danger of attacks by the al-Qaida Islamists. The injection of Iranian troops in the battles further exacerbates the conflict, and could allow Iran to gain a foothold in Iraq.
Obama’s pivot away from the Middle East has emboldened radical Islamic terrorists in Pakistan, Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya and now Iraq. They know he is all talk and is ready to hand out lots of carrots and punish enemies with a wet noodle.
Donald A. Moskowitz
Londonderry, N.H.