To the editor:
There is a fresh, energetic new candidate running in the 41st District for the Kansas House of Representatives. That district includes most of the city of Leavenworth, and all of Fort Leavenworth.
His name is Tony Barton.
There is a groundswell of support for Tony, and he quite easily collected the petition signatures necessary to seek the office. He's a respected and trusted fellow of fine character.
Tony is a common-sense conservative candidate, whose views on the issues and problems we face are based on his firm beliefs in the sanctity of life, personal responsibility, promotion of small business, reasonable taxation, traditional marriage, limited government, and adherence to our Constitution.
If those ideals reflect your values, then Tony is your man.
Take the opportunity to review Tony's core beliefs and biographical information on his Website,
I fully support Tony Barton. I firmly believe you should, too.

Byron L. Maduska