To the editor:
National Vital Statistics Reports of October 2012 reveals the total U.S. infant mortality for children younger than 1 year is 23,907 per 100,000 live births. This total is naturally medical occurring deaths reported in the following categories: congenital malformations (4,984); short gestation and birth weight (4,116); sudden infant death syndrome (1,711); newborn affected by maternal complications of pregnancy (1,578); accidents (unintentional  injuries) (1,089); complications of placenta, cord and membranes, respiratory distress, bacterial sepsis, diseases of circulatory system, neonatal hemorrhage (2,972) and all other causes (7,457).
Other interesting statistics from TV reports are, from 1977-2013, criminal acts by anti-abortionists: murders (8); attempted murders (17); bombings (42); arson (181); invasions (399); vandalisms (1,495); trespasses (2,482); kidnappings (4) and stalks (550). Statistics for abortions was tallied recently in a letter of June 24 to be about 18,000 aborted after 20 weeks.
To solve this problem, I propose there be no man-made abortions. First, we must accept that infants may die naturally, the 23,907. But, scrutinize situations such that hidden abortions would not be included in “all other causes” category.  All pregnancies would go to its medically natural conclusion.
If the fetus is nonviable and cannot live separated from the mother’s uterus without extraordinary medical means, then that fetus would fall under naturally medical occurring deaths. All other statistics would not happen because there would be no abortionists and no abortion.
However, an administrative fix must happen. Like jury duty, a random listing of pro-life people must be maintained. When a pregnancy is forthcoming and the child is rejected by the mother, that child would be assigned to the top name on the pro-life list. This assignment could not be refused for any reason because that is the cost of preventing an abortion.
Since there is no reason to have an abortion, there is no reason not to accept a child assignment. By taking the assignment, there are no legal entanglements because there are no legal cases.
For instance, the 14 year-old girl, pregnant by a rapist, can release the unwanted child to the accepting arms of the to be pro-life parent. With today's technology, the fertilized egg of the 14 year old will be transplanted at the earliest medically sound moment into the womb of the receptive pro-life assignee thus preserving the complete and healthy complete pregnancy.
If some would kill to prevent abortion killing, then I am sure there are those who would save a child by accepting their assignment. What greater gift is to give life to those who would have had none?

Ronald Banks