To the editor:
Last week I attended a breakfast meeting with Republican candidate Tony Barton. I was interested in what a pastor would have to say about running for political office. For those ministers and pastors that missed this meeting, I am telling you, you missed an event.
Pastor Barton spoke about several truths within the pastoral community that cannot and should not be overlooked by our congregations. Specifically, that the church community has disengaged itself from the political process. Our very freedoms and liberties that founded this country are endangered and we as a faith-based society had better watch out because times are changing.
Barton gave us a chance to view a Neil Mammen video that shows people being arrested for handing out Bibles, holding up signs with Biblical phrases being arrested and harassed by police, and the incidents did not stop, to the point that more than 600,000 times our own American citizens were arrested for what we would call passive faith-based acts. Right here, in America.
Barton went on to say that as ministers and American citizens it is our duty to stand up and be leaders to our church communities and within our greater community. He is right. Tony continued with the statement that our ministers and pastors should be at the forefront of the battle to bring our country back to Godliness. Again, he is right.
As a member of a church, ask your pastor or minister if he or she attended this message-driven, faith-encouraging event, and if they did not ask them why. I strongly encourage each member of our faith community to engage in the political process and support and elect Godly people to office.
Pastors, you should ask your congregants if they are registered to vote and if not, get them registered. All of us should be informed, educated and involved in the process. The world around us is headed in the wrong direction and if we do not wake up, it will be too late. As Tony Barton said to us ministers, be careful, don’t blink.
Pray for our leaders to have wisdom and that God be our guide in directing us back to our freedom that was divinely given and with patriot blood defended.
If Barton hosts another event like this for our pastoral community, I would not miss it or his message.

Rev. Karen K. Angell
Angell Ministries, Leavenworth