To the editor:
Military veterans often express concern about whether those running for office understand or have experienced the things our active duty folks and our veterans go through.
In the race for the Kansas House, 41st District, we can set aside those concerns. We have a candidate seeking election in the 41st District who is a strong advocate for active duty military folks and veterans.
Tony Barton knows exactly what it's like to bag-drag across the planet. Tony grew up the son of a career member of the U.S. Air Force doing just that.
Tony is himself a veteran of the U.S. Navy. Tony is proud to have been among those selected to crew the USS Carl Vinson on its maiden deployment.
The Barton family has a long tradition of service to our country. Duty, honor and country aren't empty words in the Barton family.
Tony's grandfather was one of those now called the "Greatest Generation." He served with the U.S. Army through the rigors and brutal dangers of World War II.
Tony is very concerned about the erosion of veteran benefits. Like most of us, he is saddened and outraged by the recent revelations about the Veterans Affairs medical scandal. I can say, without reservation, Tony shares the deep, sickening feelings about that failure to honor promises to our veterans as all who served do.
The 41st District includes much of Fort Leavenworth. It would be quite beneficial to have an experienced veteran acting as an advocate to the military, when necessary, in matters relating to interaction between the military community and both the city of Leavenworth and state of Kansas.
I strongly urge the veterans of this area, and all others, to review the information on Tony's website, See what Tony cares about. His concerns and beliefs likely match your own.

Byron L. Maduska