To the editor:
I am a concerned Kansas resident who treasures the liberties we enjoy. However, I am especially concerned about insurance and health care representation for the state of Kansas.
In Kansas, we have an attorney general who is an attorney, a Secretary of State who is a Constitutional professor, a treasurer who has an MBA.
The question is: Why don’t we have an insurance commissioner who is an experienced expert in the insurance industry?
Having heard all but one candidate speak in the past year and researching their backgrounds, I can support only one candidate — David Powell.
He has been a practicing insurance professional for more than 37 years in Kansas and has sold all types of major insurance, including health, life, auto, home owners, and commercial. This man is not a self-promoting, ladder climbing, or name-dropping politician.
Instead, he is an honest family man who has a genuine concern for the people of Kansas and their “total” insurance and health care needs.
In addition to David’s depth in selling insurance, he has read the entire 2,000-plus page Obamacare law; he has written a book summarizing Obamacare; he wrote a significant piece of Kansas legislation to block federal power over Kansans; he has regularly helped Kansas legislators understand the implications of Obamacare; he has issued regular updates on how to work with Obamacare; he has developed an existing solution with doctors called “direct primary care” to get insurance mandates off Kansan’s backs; and he knows all forms of insurance with advanced degrees in insurance to prove it.
All Kansas Republicans should be concerned enough to vote in the primary Aug. 5.
I am confident the wisest and most responsible policies for the state of Kansas will be implemented with David Powell as the next Kansas Insurance Commissioner.  
Dana Meredith