To the editor:
As Independence Day was Friday, I was reminded once again the sense of
sadness I feel every time a patriotic day arrives.
The thought of our well-meaning and courageous service men and women shedding their blood so the military industrial complex and the likes of the Goldman Sachs and the Federal Reserve can profit makes me want to puke.
Our elected officials have not only allowed but encouraged the influx of illegal aliens to stream over our southern borders.
In the meantime, those who value our Founding Fathers are considered the enemy and President Barack Obama and even the Republicans continue to
fund variants of  Al-Qaeda.
What the heck is going on? Nancy Pelosi calls these invading hordes of skill-less, uneducated kids "dazzling, sparkling, an array of God's children, worthy of respect" while she allows TSA agents to act like pedophiles groping our young children at airports.
What about the government-funded abortions of more than one million babies each year? Some of which were actually born alive and then murdered outside the womb?
Yeah, happy Fourth of July.

Joseph DuPont
Towanda, Pa.