July 10
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Word of the Day
louche LOOSH adjective; Of questionable taste or morality. ó Dictionary.com

Website of the Day: Arthur C. Clarke Foundation
Website of the communications- and science-promoting foundation named for the author and scientist who first conceived of the geosynchronous orbit used by many modern communications satellites.

Number to Know
20: The orbit of the first communications satellite, Telstar 1, made transatlantic signals for only about 20 minutes on each of itís 2.5-hour trips around the earth.

This Day in History
July 10, 1962: Telstar 1, the worldís first communication satellite, is launched into orbit. Though no longer functional, it still circles the earth to this day.

Todayís Featured Birthday
Sofia Vergara, Colombian actress, television hostess, and model, 42.

Daily Quote
ďI donít think God cares if I wear nail polish or not. I donít think thatís a deal breaker for him.Ē ó Sofia Vergara