To the editor:
There are two issues I think need attention.
Number one is the traffic signal at Fourth and Spruce, from 3-5 p.m. It's almost impossible to make a left turn to the west looking north looking north if you're on Fourth Street going north.
If there are three or four cars in the left turn lane, they have to wait two or three light changes because of heavy traffic coming from the north.
Why can't we have a signal like at Fourth and Limit, or Fourth and Eisenhower?
Now, my second gripe is at 20th Street going north.
Again, if you're going to make a left turn onto Mount Olivet from 20th going north, drivers do not always obey the rules of four-way stops. Several times, when I'm going north on 20th and in the left turn lane, two and three cars come across at a time going south.
Please, before someone gets killed, look into this.

Michael Zielinski