To the editor:
One of the most contentious issues of our day is that of immigration, or at least that for those who decided to immigrate their own way without our permission.
The most commonly cited number of those who are here illegally is 12 million.  Our government considers ways to address these “dreamers,” including a Dream Act that would give them a path to citizenship. Since we didn’t originally offer them citizenship, a Dream Act would say, “That’s OK. Just because you thumbed your nose at us and our laws when you came here, all is forgiven."
Until recently, both major political parties supported similar legislation. When Eric Cantor lost his primary, the momentum in the Republican Party stalled, but it isn’t dead, just waiting for a better time.
Another proposal was to allow the invaders to enlist in our military and get legal status. It has also stalled. A third measure is to allow up to 100,000 of those who are highly skilled to stay. Sort of trashes the tired argument that illegal immigrants only take the jobs that Americans won’t take doesn’t it?
The latest issue is tens of thousands of children from Latin American countries who are crossing the southern border. Border security officials have complained that 40 percent of their people are tied up with this latest invasion, limiting their ability to protect us from cartels.
Why are children coming? They or their parents believe they will get amnesty and be allowed to stay. The cost for taking care of these children is also not negligible — it is estimated at more than $2 billion per year. The current administration has encouraged this thinking by their actions and a lot of publicity about a Dream Act.
Republican President George Bush signed a law that hampers immediate return of these children, requiring they be turned over to HHS within three days of arrival. As always, when we demonstrate generosity or compassion, it will be taken advantage of and used against us.
In addition to a lack of trust between Democrats and Republicans to reach a resolution is the Democrats’ belief the invaders are future supporters and the Republicans’ fear of being seen as racist.
Now, even a high ranking general has admitted there is a security risk for us in our undefended border. How about a new approach? Tell all countries the invaders are coming from that all aid will be suspended until the invasion stops. 
They need our money. Some Republicans in the House are actually proposing a bill that would do that. Of course, it won’t make it through Harry Reid’s Senate. And then it would face Obama’s veto stamp. Is it running dry of ink yet?
As for those who are already here, enforce the law, including fining their employers and those who provide them with housing and other necessaries. We can always provide labor for those jobs where labor is unavailable with a well-supervised Bracero program that only allows workers into the country.
Many argue that we can’t transport 12 million people back where they came from.
Why not? We did that during World War II without an interstate highway system. Some Republicans and few Democrats want our country back. All true Conservatives want our country back.
What about you? Join the Conservative Party and help us to get it back. It’s not too late, not yet anyway.

G.F. Welch