If your home feels confined, try these design expert tips to create the illusion of more space.

Are you feeling a bit confined by your less-than-spacious accommodations? Learn how to get the most of every square inch from Hometalk’s community of design experts. In Living Areas A favorite room-enlarging trick among interior designers is to hang the curtains up high and let them flow all the way to the floor. The room will seem taller and more spacious! Mirrors are also a tried-and-true method for making rooms feel larger. And finally, free up existing floor space by using multi-use furniture, like bench seating that doubles as storage. High Curtains via Life on Virginia Street   In the Kitchen There are quite a few visual tricks that can be applied in the kitchen to create an illusion of more space. Switch some cabinets to open shelving, and install glass cabinet doors. Overall, the color white will make any room seem more spacious and airy. Max out your kitchen’s storage abilities—clear counters and tables to instantly make a room feel more spacious. And lastly, increase the amount of natural light coming in. Glass Kitchen Cabinets via Gwen Moss Blog on Hometalk   In the Bedroom To create the illusion of more space in the bedroom, make sure your furniture is all of a similar color palette. This secret trick is so effective because mismatching furniture visually breaks up the room and gives an overall disjointed impression. Place a few brightly colored accent items decidedly apart, so the eye must travel to each one. This will trick your brain into seeing more space! Design experts also often advise their clients to tuck and store away as much as possible. Use vertical storage like shelves, particularly in your closet. The visual tricks from elsewhere in the house can work here as well—clear, glass furniture; light colors; and mirrors! Metallic accent furniture will have a similar effect to a mirror. Bedroom Mirrors via South Shore Decorating on Hometalk   In the Bathroom Many professional redecorators say the trick to creating more space in a small room like a bathroom is to use glass or lucite as much as possible to create the optical illusion of more space. Switching out storage baskets and shelves for clear glass ones is an easy and effective change. Opt for a non-bulky sink or vanity, it will appear to take up less space. Thin Bathroom Vanity via Rambling Renovator on Hometalk   Find tips and tricks for better organization, clever shelving solutions and more on Hometalk. This article originally appeared as on American Profile