Sometimes the only way forward is to take a step back.

Sometimes the only way forward is to take a step back.
In essence, that's the philosophy behind the numerous workshops and sessions meant to calm, cleanse and offer peace to mind, body and soul through Journey Home Retreats.
Theresa Hubbard tells the Leavenworth Times more about Journey Home Retreats and the experiences of participants in this Q5.

1. Theresa, how long has Journey Home Retreats been open and how did you become interested in organizing and offering retreats? What sort of retreats and events does Journey Home specialize in and why is this large colonial farm home the perfect place to hone inner awareness and a healthy, happy outlook?
"TJH opened in June 2012.  I am a marriage and family therapist. I work with such a wide variety of people who come into therapy for multiple different reasons. Individual therapy can be incredibly healing. Group experiences can propel you into a much higher level.
"We have several retreat sites available in Kansas City. I wanted to open one that was private, so that no other groups were on the property at the same time, and so that the personal work you were doing felt safe. I wanted a home and gardens that were beautiful so that you would feel relaxed and happy while doing your personal work there.
"TJH is a magnificent place to heal. It provides people the experience of feeling supported and the freedom to truly let go of whatever may be weighing you down."
2. Upcoming retreats include Aligning With the Artistry of Your Soul, A Guide to Love and Life for Women of all ages, and Juice Fasting and Wellness. Can you tell us about what attendees can expect to take away from these workshops?
"Aligning the Artistry of Your Soul: You can expect to come away from the retreat with a much clearer experience of what is directing your decision, your ego or your spirit.
"A Guide to Love and Life for Women: You can expect to come away with a better connection to your own body and your sexuality.
"Juice Fast: You can expect to come away with a cleansed digestive system and renewed sense of your physical body, and tools to help you narrow down some common food issues."

3. Why do you think retreats have become increasingly more popular over the years and what do you believe are the greatest benefits for people who need a break from their busy lives and seek out the relaxing ambience of a retreat?
"I believe that retreats have become increasingly popular because we are becoming more aware of our lack of connection to ourselves, each other, and the world around us, particularly nature. This lack of connection contributes to various problems that we experience in our everyday lives.  We are desperately looking to find connection, but are lacking the tools to be successful.
"The greatest benefits of attending a retreat, particularly one of interest to you, or perhaps even one that you are just curious about, is the opportunity to stimulate your mind and body, enjoy a renewed sense of self and take the opportunity for much needed self-care.  We all need the space to hit the reset button a few times a year."
4. What sort of credentials do Journey Home's facilitators have and how important is it to have not only knowledgeable facilitators at the workshops, but also ones that connect on many levels with attendees?
"Types of credentials vary widely depending on the theme of the retreat. I am a licensed marital and family therapist. Most of them are licensed/credentialed/certified professionals in their field who have established a following and are passionate about their topic. For example, reflexologist and holistic care practitioner, registered nurse, licensed professional counselor, licensed clinical social worker, Reiki master, clinical hypnotherapist, yoga instructors of various modalities, and certified nutritionists."
5. What has been your favorite retreat that you have either attended or hosted and how did it make your life happier and fuller? How can readers find out more about your facility and upcoming retreats?
"My favorite retreat to host is 'Mindfulness: An Experience with Nature,' based on the works of Carl Jung.
“That retreat increases our connection to nature in a significant way and ultimately to ourselves and those around us.
"My favorite retreat that I attended is the Juice Fasting Retreat.
“I had the opportunity to connect with and learn about my body from a completely new perspective.
"Readers can learn more about our upcoming retreats by going to"