To the editor:
Published opinion invites opinion and here is my opinion of their opinions on two articles, Bruce Wiley’s on July 24 and Byron Maduska’s of July 26-27 in the Leavenworth Times.
Hyperbole and bluster are expected in politics. I must say, someone calling another a liar, slanderous and devoid of character, implied or direct, is cause for further investigation. So, here is my opinion.
Wiley’s article: An article with an air of satire. His assertion about Topeka politics can be verified in the following Times articles: May 10-11, “Gloomy end to 2014 legislative session”; June 6, “Competence rivals ideology when assessing Brownback administration”; June 11, “Report: Effects of Kansas tax cuts ‘understated’"; July 15, “State finances deserve more attention”; July 16, “100 Kansas GOP endorse Davis”; and July 23, “They didn’t go away.”
The last seven paragraphs concerned Tony Barton’s invoking an association with Angel Food Ministries. Facts of this ministry were verified from the FBI report that can be accessed at There is no mention of Bauder. No yard signs mentioned, only the public church sign of Barton’s congregation.
Maduska’s article: Also with satire and asperity. He seems to have an intimate understanding of Barton’s campaign, and his intentions: “Tony is a perfect target for negative attacks as he won’t respond in kind.” He also brought to the fore racial connotations.
There is no mention of Wiley’s discussion of Angel Food Ministries, no dissuading facts, only that there is implied “animosity toward us, and Christianity in general … attempting to slanderously discredit anyone he associates with Tony Barton.”  This is an omission of comment leaving a suspicion.
He described Wiley’s article as a “hit piece” four times, and two times called him a liar “knowing the accusation to be completely untrue.” He wrote, “Wiley intentionally chose to mislead people in Leavenworth … knowing full well what he wrote was completely untrue,”  and “slander is so easy,” and “Wiley brings them anyway, attempting to slanderously discredit anyone.” 
Preoccupied with Bauder campaign and yard signs are not mentioned in Wiley’s article. Support is at the ballot box, not via indiscriminant numbers of yard signs.
Both articles: Third party comments should be confirmed or denied by the third party, Larry Dedeke.
If someone called me a liar, I would call them out to explain it, man to man. I would leave the slander question for my lawyer to call out. This political season is going to be interesting.

Ronald Banks