To the editor:
We can all agree our country is in trouble. To put it bluntly, our country has been brought to its knees.
However, with the upcoming primary and general elections, we have a chance to initiate changes in our government that will hopefully salvage our once great nation. It will take time, but we need to start now.   
One major problem we need to recognize and address is that we have elected to political office in Washington, D.C., and elsewhere, people who are not qualified, or at best have minimal qualifications, for the job for which they have been elected.
Now we must start to elect highly-competent and dedicated politicians who would be willing to work together to bring our country back to the prominence it once enjoyed.
One such man is David Powell, who is one of five people running for Kansas Insurance Commissioner.
All of the candidates are nice people who want to help the people of Kansas, but only one, David Powell, is the complete package.  In five of the main areas of insurance — health, life, auto, home, and commercial — David Powell is the only one licensed to sell all five of these types of insurance.
Beverly Gossage is licensed to sell health and life; Ken Selzer and John Topliker have never been licensed to sell insurance; and Clark Schultz does not have a license to sell any of the types of insurance noted above.
In addition, David Powell has read the entire Obamacare bill and has written a bill, Mandate Lite, which is now a law that allows Kansans to purchase health plans that do not meet all of the Obamacare requirements, thus decreasing their health care costs.
He also has a plan that will boost the Kansas economy and help small business owners in the state.
Mary P. Brigg