After 23 years with the Leavenworth Convention & Visitors Bureau, Connie Hachenberg is stepping down as the organization's director.

After 23 years with the Leavenworth Convention & Visitors Bureau, Connie Hachenberg is stepping down as the organization's director.

But before leaving, Hachenberg is helping train Tammie Ferguson, who is taking over as the CVB's manager.

Hachenberg said Thursday was her last official day as CVB director. But, she will continue to work at the office through Aug. 8.

Hachenberg, who turns 65 next week, was honored Wednesday night during a retirement reception at Riverfront Community Center.

"I just have had a marvelous time promoting this beautiful city," she said.

Hachenberg said she looks forward to spending time with granddaughters, enjoying her backyard and going on mission trips.

Hachenberg joined the CVB as a part-time assistant. After eight months, she was offered the director's position.

"It's been a huge blessing," she said.

Hachenberg's departure marks more than a change in the person in charge of the CVB. It marks a transition in how the organization is operated.

Hachenberg worked as CVB director as an employee of the Leavenworth-Lansing Area Chamber of Commerce under an agreement between the city of Leavenworth and Chamber of Commerce.

The city now has taken over operation of the CVB, though the CVB office will remain at the Chamber.

Ferguson, 33, was hired by the city to serve as the new CVB manager. She officially began her new job July 24.

Ferguson said she moved to Leavenworth in May. Her husband, who is an Army major, was a student at the Command and General Staff College and learned he would be staying at Fort Leavenworth after graduation.

She interviewed for the CVB job shortly after moving to the city.

"They were looking for someone who could help promote the city of Leavenworth," Ferguson said.

Ferguson said she has a background in marketing and communications.

"Tammie has a stellar marketing background," Leavenworth City Manager Scott Miller said.

He said this will be helpful in marketing the city and CVB.

Because her husband is in the military, Ferguson has moved a lot. Originally from Mississippi, she has had various jobs, including operating a professional photography studio. She also has worked for Habitat for Humanity International.

Ferguson said she remains active with Habitat for Humanity, volunteering as a global village team leader. She recruits volunteers from around the world to meet her in a country to build a habitat.

Ferguson said Leavenworth is a family-friendly community, and she loves the personality of the city.

"The area is gorgeous," she said.

Ferguson said she's looking forward to building a greater online presence for the CVB, including more use of social media.

"It's going to give me an outlet for sharing the beauty of our city," she said.

But, she said face-to-face meetings will still be important, and she plans to promote the city at various conferences and other events.

Hachenberg said she is excited to see Ferguson taking over the CVB.

"She's going to be great for the community," Hachenberg said.