Healthier lifestyles are becoming more vogue in today's culture, and the executives at Foxy Produce are trying to help consumers transition to more fresh fruits and vegetables.

Healthier lifestyles are becoming more vogue in today's culture, and the executives at Foxy Produce are trying to help consumers transition to more fresh fruits and vegetables.
Company representatives will be at Hen House stores on Aug. 7, 8 and 9 in Lenexa, Prairie Village and Leawood, respectively, to demonstrate their products and offerings.
Matt Seely, the company's vice president of marketing, talks more about the gaining popularity of "juicing," and offers tips for better eating.

1. Can you tell us about the educational program, Rejuicenate, and how your company, Foxy Produce, got started?
"As we continue to look for ways to increase the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables, the trend of juicing  fresh fruits and vegetables provided us an insight into how people are consuming fresh produce in a new and different format. As we looked closer at the amount of fresh produce used during the juicing process, we realized this is something that consumers enjoy doing, creating. It provides tremendous health benefits and is a great way to get people to eat more fresh produce.   It’s truly a win-win for consumers and the fresh produce industry.
"We decided to take it to another level by creating our own juicing recipes using our product line of fresh vegetables. Once we had the recipes, we wanted to share them with supermarkets and shoppers across the country and show them how juicing is a great way to maintain a healthy lifestyle, while making fresh fruits and vegetables an integral part of their daily diet."
2. Why do you think juicing appeals to so many people who would like to eat healthy but are pressed for time?
"Juicing is something you can do any time of day. Many start their day with a juicing mixture, but it's something that can be done at any time.  
"The other aspect of juicing is an individual can create their own recipe. It’s a great way to experiment with fresh fruits and vegetates you may have in your refrigerator and create your own refreshing and healthy juicing recipe."
3. One of the drawbacks about juicing for many people is the expense and waste of leftover pulp. Foxy has invented juicing recipes that can be made inexpensively and snacks that can be created using the pulp. What are some of the snacks that you would recommend and what is the secret to juicing on a budget?
"During the development of those recipes, we literally stumbled onto something we think is truly unique and different — using the pulp by-product that most people throw away in a variety of healthy recipes.  
"During the juicing process, the non-liquid pulp is usually thrown away. We took the pulp and mixed it in with cream cheese and hummus, for example, making a spread for bagels, celery sticks, or a variety of other food items. This provides consumers with essential fiber for their diet, while using the entire plant — no waste. And they taste great.
"As for their secret to juicing on a budget, two things. First, try to buy in bulk. With various club stores or larger sized produce packs, consumers can buy enough product to keep them juicing for a week at a time. Also, look for various retailers' weekly specials. With proper planning, consumers can continually substitute 'cost-effective' or 'on-sale' items into their juicing program."
4. Reps for your company will be coming to the Kansas City area soon. When and where will they be, and what will they share with the public?
"From August 7-9, we will be showcasing our Rejuicinate program at Hen House stores in the greater Kansas City, Kan., area. We will be doing one store a day over the three-day period. Consumers can follow both Foxy and Hen House social media programs — Facebook and Twitter — to learn more about the store locations.
"The reps at the demos will show consumers how to juice, and allow them to taste some of the recipes we’ve developed. Consumers can pick-up free copies of the 20-plus recipes we’ve developed and also enter to win a free Juicer."
5. What are the greatest health benefits that juicing offers and why did you decide to get into the nutrition business?
"The greatest health benefit associated with Juicing is very simply consuming more fresh fruits and vegetables. We know that diets rich in fresh fruits and vegetables are a perfect way for consumers to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.
"Our objective is to get consumers to consume more fresh and vegetables — whether it’s in entrees, salads, side dishes, or juicing — and whether it's morning, noon or later in the day, juicing provides a terrific opportunity for everyone to consume fresh produce in a very refreshing manner."