During the last several days, Kansas has recently seen cooler temperatures.
One way you can save money as temperatures start cooling down is by opening your windows during and cutting your air conditioning off.
I try to have my windows open as long as I possibly can. When temperatures get a little warmer, I break out my fans.
The other day, with temperatures in the low 80s, I was able to open my windows until bedtime. I have several box and ceiling fans and I let them run. This helps circulate the air and still cuts costs on air conditioning bills.
Another way you can keep your temperatures down in your home during the summer months is by keeping your blinds and curtains closed in an effort to keep the sun out.
During the summer months, I also try to avoid using the stove.
Grilling, crock-pots and eating light are great ways to have a healthy and delicious meal without having to use your cooking stove. Using your stove not only is a big chunk to your bill but it also warms up your home.
However, this is not the only way to save money on your electric bill. During the cooler months, try and keep your thermostat down during the day.
We typically like to keep our thermostat at 65 during the day. If we are chilly, we typically layer our clothing and make sure we are dressed appropriately.
During the winter months, it is important to open all of your blinds and curtains to guarantee that you get as much sun in your home in an effort to heat your home.
Make a conscious effort to pay attention to how much you use your heating and air. If you can make small changes, it could really save you a bundle.