To the editor:
It is my pleasure to be a member of the Women for Brownback Coalition supporting
Gov. Sam Brownback’s run for a second term. I have had the pleasure of knowing
Governor Brownback since he served as our U.S. Senator. Throughout the
course of many years, I’ve observed a tireless and dedicated public servant, a man of
utmost integrity, an individual who continually strives to do the right thing for the
betterment of those he represents.  
When Governor Brownback first was elected governor, he recognized that a declining
population in Kansas required an urgent call to action. He set in motion a number of
objectives that he designed to ultimately provide greater long-term prosperity for our
state. The Brownback administration has lowered taxes and added jobs with increased
average pay, all of which has helped to drop our unemployment rate.
While the final analysis is still yet to be determined, it took a great deal of courage to put forth this plan and have it adopted amidst tremendous media scrutiny and partisan objection.  
Another area where Governor Brownback has shown tremendous leadership in our
greater Kansas City region has been with his efforts to work with Missouri Gov. Jay
Nixon on the “Border War” issue. This is a complex issue and remains a work in
progress. Governor Brownback has appointed a task force of local elected officials and
Chamber executives to strategize on the best resolution for all involved, ensuring
continued growth not just for our state but for the larger region.
One of Governor Brownback’s greatest strengths is his willingness to meet with his
constituents and listen to their areas of concern. He truly cares about people and is not
afraid to demonstrate his compassion. It is also encouraging that he surrounds himself
with talented and dedicated professionals who share his extraordinary work ethic. With a
keen eye on success for all Kansans, he provides a passionate vision that should reap a
bright future for each of us.  
I hope you will join me in supporting Gov. Sam Brownback for a second term as our
Thank you very much.
Peggy J. Dunn
Mayor, city of Leawood