To the editor:
The one response I too often get when I ask people to get involved in saving our country is that they would but …
What they are really saying is they want someone else to do it. They want someone else to carry the water for them. It’s rare that we can find someone willing to do the work.
But, one such person is Josh Tucker.
He is not well known, but is definitely what we need. Running against the much too well-known Lynn Jenkins, Josh is a true conservative with credentials that reflect his focus on a quaint document called The Constitution of The United States. Maybe you’ve heard of it? George W. Bush infamously stated, “It’s just a piece of paper.” Barack Obama regularly violates it. Lynn Jenkins regularly votes for bills that violate it.  The result is a bankrupt country that violates what civil rights we used to have. The Constitution is the basis of our Republic — it is not just a piece of paper.
Lynn Jenkins has repeatedly voted for increasing the national debt. When the Republicans held all the power in the House of Representatives, where all spending bills are supposed to originate, according to the Constitution, she and 86 other Republicans voted with the Democrats to give in to demands that amount to blackmail.
However, our Congressmen, Congresswomen, and senators all take an oath of office that goes: "I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support the Constitution of the United States." They then almost immediately violate it.
Some examples of this include providing aid, our taxes, to foreign countries, subsidizing farmers, providing foodstamps, buying Russian-made helicopters to give to Afghanistan, continuing to fund undeclared wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, funding Obamacare by caving in to his demands when the House of Representatives had the power of the purse, continuing to vote for increases of the national debt by trillions of dollars, transferring our taxes to Russia via aid to Ukraine, and violating our right to privacy by voting for Internet companies and telephone service providers to surrender our information to the National Security Agency. These are neoconservative policies, not conservative. Lynn Jenkins is a neocon.
She has supported each of the above policies. She also supports continuing our undeclared wars against various countries, which is also a neoconservative viewpoint and at odds with true conservativism.
Imagine a country where we actually obey the Constitution. Josh actually believes in such a land. He is willing to insist all legislation be Constitutional or face a nay vote.
It's also worth noting that Congresswoman Jenkins is getting less conservative the longer she is in office. Her first time she rated an 87 percent, the second term 70 percent, and now she gets a 56 percent for the current term, according to The Freedom Index published by The New American Magazine. She is rated further left than some Democrats.
Missouri Congressman Emmanuel Cleaver rates 13 percent higher as a conservative. Colorado’s three Democratic members of Congress similarly rate as more conservative.
Lynn Jenkins is great at one thing, though: self-promotion. With all the emails, unsolicited calls, flyers, letters to the editor, and townhalls, she never misses an opportunity to tell us how great she is doing.
However, the stats tell us a different story. You can find more about her challenger at his website,, or his Facebook page Tucker4KS2nd.
Josh does not have the name recognition that Lynn Jenkins has and almost no campaign money. What he does have is genuine honesty and values, uninfluenced by power. Those are attributes Lynn Jenkins lacks. I hope you will investigate his positions for yourself and then join me and many other genuine conservatives in supporting him in the primary Aug. 5.  

Glen Welch