To the editor:
This is an appropriate time to commend the librarians at Leavenworth Public Library for their contribution to the community. They have carried out an awesome summer program for children.
Librarian Darlene Deans organized science projects every week that sparked children’s interests in learning more about the field of science. She has set a precedence for the important role that our public library plays in the lives of our children and the community.
Dean’s passion has overflowed into our city. She has taken great pride and sacrificed to make science kits available for kids to use at the library. I have never witnessed such curiousness in children at the library as when kids were playing with the science kits then watching as they checked out books to learn more about magnets, energy and science projects. They organized an end of summer carnival where children received free books and prizes.
The staff has been phenomenal encouragers for the children that visit Leavenworth Public Library. If you haven’t explored the plethora of programs offered at the library, let me encourage you to do so.
We can be proud to say we have an exemplary library because they have an exemplary staff.
Thankful citizens.

Stella Delgado-Calkins