To the editor:
A lot of people tell me we need term limits on U.S. senators and representatives. Several years ago, some states tried to amend their state constitutions to do just that. A lawsuit was filed and the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that individual states could limit their state senators and representatives, but could not do so on federal office holders.
This year, on Aug. 5, we the people have an opportunity to exercise term limits on
U.S. Sen. Pat Roberts. Out of the 47 years he has lived in the Washington, D.C. area, he was a senate aide 13 years, had eight terms (16 years) in the House, and three terms (18 years) in the Senate.
At age 78, he wants six more years at which time he will be 84. Importantly, he has voted to increase the debt limit 11 times and increase the budget numerous times. Yet, he has never suggested the federal government should eliminate the numerous unconstitutional departments — Education, EPA, etc. — instead of raising the debt limit on our future generations.
Roberts’ lackeys, finding nothing major to say against Milton Wolf, have resurrected a long forgotten molehill in which no individual was identified or injured, and tried to make it into a mountain through the “Kansas Board of Healing Arts,” now known as the “Board of Political Skullduggery.”
Roberts only comes back to Kansas whenever he has an opponent and an election, and he wonders out loud why his speech notes go from page three to page eight.
Roberts has refused to debate Wolf at public forums so he could be observed debating the issues that concern the electorate.
Wolf has filed to replace him and is a breath of fresh air. He believes our Congress must change for the sake of our country and our children who should not have to face an $18 trillion-plus debt.
Wolf said if elected he will serve two terms. He believes having citizen legislators is the way to go instead of career politicians who represent the elite establishment party leaders.
Wolf has a private, free-market health insurance plan to replace Obamacare as he votes to repeal it lock, stock, and barrel.
Roberts just wants to repeal bits and pieces of it as he works with the Democrats who voted to impose it on us.
We need a new senator who will help Rand Paul, Mike Lee, and Ted Cruz stop the Republican Party leadership from being Democrat-lite on growing government.
To save this country, we must rid ourselves of career politicians buying elections with big money from lobbyists and unions.
Citizens can do this by electing Wolf for U.S. Senate.

Dewey Gillett