To the editor:
Keep up the buffoonery, Bruce Wiley.
You helped elect Steve Fitzgerald with your constant vicious and unfounded accusations. Now it appears you'll do the same for another fine fellow, Tony Barton.
You've come back for a second bite at the same rotten apple. All Larry Dedeke told you, without using these exact words, was go ahead and make a fool of yourself, I don't care.
The fact remains you misled people with your false claims about Larry being driven from the race by local Republicans. That is a total falsehood, and you know it to be so.
Larry Dedeke is a very respected fellow and strongly supported by the Republicans in this area. The notion they would run him out of a race to support a "sows ear" is totally ridiculous. No one could drive Larry from a race he wants to be in.
Your vicious name calling, like calling Tony Barton a "sows ear," and referring to people as far-right zealots, radicals, and the "extreme leadership of the local Republican party," put the lie to your claim about who you say you are. You falsely claim to be a moderate Republican. Well, there's usually nothing in the middle of the road but dead skunks.
You're an extreme leftist, with an endless penchant for viciousness and slanders, and have attempted, again to take advantage of the very same falsehood you used so viciously before. If the things you say are true about the Republican Party, how can you possibly be part of it? The truth is, you aren't. You simply try to fool the gullible with your senseless attacks.
You refer to me as "Tony Barton's uber-supportive spokesman and community outreach guru." Fine, I view that as a very good thing. I don't run Tony Barton's campaign; far from it. But, I do know Tony Barton is a fine fellow and a great candidate, and I do support him fully. And he would never stoop to such low tactics as you have.
It's stunning what hypocrites Democrats are. They chronically complain about name calling but use it as a constant campaign weapon against others. If it weren't for ugly character assassination, one of their main tools, their party probably wouldn't exist.
And that party is quite the pariah right now. The American people are really mad about the lies of Obamacare and all the illegals we're now intentionally swamped with. People are going to the polls to show their anger at that party.
It seems Nancy Bauder knows that, as she appears strangely unable to own up to which party she really represents when campaigning.
The simple fact is, Wiley, you lied once, and are trying to do so again. Your falsehoods hold no water.
Keep up the good work. Bauder's campaign will be destroyed, and Tony Barto will be elected by landslide.

Byron L. Maduska