Editor's note: Below is a letter U.S. Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins, a Republican representing the Kansas Second District sent to the Leavenworth Times and her opponent in the November general election, Lawrence Democrat Margie Wakefield.

To the editor:
Ms. Wakefield,
Congratulations on securing your party's nomination for U.S. Congress. I look forward to an energetic campaign.
This seat belongs to the people of eastern Kansas, and it has been my distinct honor and privilege to be entrusted by our communities' families, farmers, and small businesses with the great responsibility of representing them in Congress.
Our partnership has accomplished a great deal for eastern Kansans. We have kept taxes low, successfully fought government overreach, battled for a fairer tax code, and stood up to protect gun rights and the ability to farm with little federal interference. College is now more affordable for Kansas students and their families, thanks to student loan reform I helped pass.
I have introduced legislation in the House to allow Kansas families easier access to tax-free savings accounts for college. In Kansas, we know it takes teamwork to get the job done. This is why I have worked across the aisle on many issues, including protecting rural access to healthcare for all Kansans, creating safer environments on our college campuses for every student, and, together with my Republican and Democrat colleagues, passing a stack of bills to grow jobs and the economy.
Ms. Wakefield, I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to debate the issues with you so the voters of the Second District may learn about our stances on topics that affect them every day. I am particularly interested in learning about how your support for job-killing policies like cap-and-trade, your time as a delegate for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, and your wholehearted defense of Obamacare — which has raised premiums on thousands of Kansans and, as we learned last month, will hurt our students by cutting the number of hours they can work on campus — will benefit the good people of eastern Kansas.
Every day, I work with Republicans and Democrats in Congress to find solutions, and we have had demonstrable success. Ms. Wakefield, where is your plan?
I am challenging you to a series of three debates, in Shawnee County hosted by KTWU, in Douglas County hosted by The Eudora Reporter, and in Independence with a mutually acceptable venue and sponsor.
I look forward to contrasting my vision of an America where all people have the opportunity to succeed with your vision of a country that regulates too much, taxes too much, and implements policies that hurt our seniors and our students.
Kansans deserve to know where we stand.

Lynn Jenkins