Separation anxiety is a common neurosis.
Do you remember the first day you went to school or the first day you went off to college far away from home? Separation anxiety was there.  
When I went off to college in a land far away called Seward, Neb., the separation anxiety was very hard to deal with during the first few weeks. Parents, you who are going to have to leave your child behind in care of someone else these coming few weeks, this has to be equally challenging.
Being apart from those you love is one of the worst feelings we deal with in life, and it is very common.
This separation anxiety has been a part of this world since the fall into sin. It affects all of us in some way. Many of us are reminded about it through an even greater separation that takes place in life, the day we are forced to live without our loved ones.
When a father or a mother or a sibling or a spouse or — heaven forbid — a child has gone on to an eternal home, separation anxiety is found right on our door step. The pain is very hard to take. The void in your life is very real. Comfort, especially at these times, is hard to come by. We want to again feel security and love by those we miss very much.
Those who have been with us throughout our days we wish were still here. Even though we can tell ourselves over and over that this is how life works, a seemingly endless process of letting go of those we love, it still doesn’t take the sting out of it.
Our only hope and comfort is in the one conqueror of this common neurosis, our Savior, Jesus Christ.  
The great day of separation anxiety for all of us came to an end when Christ came to the cross. When Jesus said, “It is finished,” He meant your separation anxiety is done. It is no more.
Through our faith in Christ, we see that even though we may have to leave behind for a time our loved ones at their first day of school, at college, or even in the cemetery, it will not be forever. Our faith foresees a day we will once again be reunited with all our loved ones in Christ. A day we will once again come to know and experience joy as we share laughter and play. A day we will finally live life fully as our heavenly Father intended for us so long ago.
Do not be filled with separation anxiety again, my brothers and sisters in Christ, for our Lord has ascended into the sky and will come back in the same way He has gone.
However, He is still with us as we remember His words in Matthew 28:20: “I am with you always to the very end of the age.”
Take comfort and joy knowing these words as the disciples did that day, and every disciple has every day since.