Tammie Ferguson has joined the city of Leavenworth as the new Conventions and Visitors Bureau manager to promote the community as a tourism and convention destination.
Ferguson brings experience in marketing communications, event planning and social media marketing to the position, according to a news release.
She replaces Connie Hachenberg, who retired from the bureau in July after 23 years.
“Connie made such a huge impact during her tenure and is obviously very loved and adored in the community,” Ferguson said in the news release. “She told me that she is glad that I can bring a new perspective and a ‘fresh set of eyes’ to the position, which I really appreciate. She was so helpful to me during the transition and we plan to stay connected.”
Ferguson, 33, said three new hotels expected to be completed by 2015 will help drive more tourists and groups to the city.
“Leavenworth will benefit greatly from having more quality overnight stay options for those coming to our area," she said in the release. "When they spend their nights here versus surrounding cities, they patronize our local restaurants, shops and so on. The city receives the sales and transient guest taxes, which help us continue to market the city and promote community development.
“It’s an exciting time for the city.”
Ferguson's previous work included serving in the government sector as a contractor and civilian employee at forts Polk and Sill, with non-profit organizations in Louisiana and Mississippi, and as a small business owner in Oklahoma.
As a military spouse, Ferguson expects to remain in the Leavenworth area for at least two years as her husband, Maj. Jerald Ferguson, serves as supreme high command planner with the Mission Command Training Program at Fort Leavenworth.
Ferguson most recently served as senior marketing specialist at Habitat for Humanity International in the administrative headquarters in downtown Atlanta.
“Working with Habitat International afforded me the opportunity to work with more than 1,400 affiliates across the U.S. and Canada on social media marketing, special event planning and brand strategy,” she said. “I also served and continue to volunteer as a Habitat Global Village team leader, recruiting volunteers from around the world to travel to countries for voluntourism trips. We help build or repair homes with families in need of decent and affordable shelter and explore the communities by immersing ourselves into the culture.”
She initially applied for the position in early spring and was called for an interview in May, two weeks after relocating to Leavenworth.
“I didn’t even have my household goods from Atlanta yet or permanent housing,” Ferguson said. “I was new to the area and very hopeful about getting involved in the community right away. I’m grateful that they accepted the fact that I’m military-affiliated and gave me an opportunity to serve.”
Ferguson earned her bachelor’s degree in communications with an emphasis in public relations from Mississippi State University and a master’s degree in administration from Central Michigan University.
She is also a professional photographer and resides in Leavenworth with her husband and their two sons.