The Internet is a wonderful source of items of interest to animal lovers and pet owners. We learn dogs and cats are amazing creatures in their devotion to man, and in turn people demonstrate equally amazing feats because of their deep caring for these creatures.
Pets travel hundreds of miles to be reunited with ones they love.  They use instincts and demonstrate bravery in rescuing people from dire situations.
Pets detect health issues for their owners long before medical technology is able. People put their lives at risk saving pets who may not even belong to them. People have been known to make sacrifices at great expense for the well being of pets. Other Internet tidbits are not as well known, but are intriguing.
I've learned about the effort made by a shelter in New York City to find loving homes for pets. There is a people dating app called Tinder aimed at connecting lonely singles with each other. This no-kill facility posts actual profiles with photos of shelter dogs available on Tinder. These can be viewed and responded to the same way you would respond to a person’s profile. Initial response has been positive with some great matches made. There is another similar app called BarkBuddy that is for dogs only.
Stunning photographs appear at . A childless couple who happen to be professional photographers decided to feature their “child,” a pet beagle-type dog  in a photo essay similar to those people do to show their human baby to the world. Every pose you can imagine is recreated, including a great one showing three pairs of feet peeking out from under the blanket at the foot of the bed. I think the  photos are clever and very tasteful.
Maria Smith used Facebook to coerce dognappers who had stolen her pug, Simba, from her backyard while she was home. She posted his loss on Facebook and subsequently was contacted by people who said they had been offered her dog for purchase. Through networking, the thieves were identified and named at Facebook. Smith received a phone call from the thieves threatening to harm her dog unless she removed their names. She did not comply and nine days later they gave the dog back because they wanted their notoriety on Facebook deleted. Good use of social networking.
Rescue puppy Opie was outside of his home with his human mom when he heard the mewling of a two-day-old kitten. He was under a log, apparently abandoned by his mother, and was being eaten alive by maggots. “My puppy, Opie, found him in the field behind our apartment building. He was stuck under a log and covered in maggots. Opie refused to leave him, and before you knew it, we had a kitten,” the owner explained. The kitten, named Roscoe, spends most of his time cuddling and playing with Opie. They have remained best friends as the kitten has grown up into a beautiful long haired cat.  
A final item of interest is about a “customer service dog” who spends the day with his owner at a shop in Japan. He patiently waits by the service window, similar to a McDonalds pick-up window, and slides it open when a customer appears. A photo of the smiling Akita-type dog shows him with his paws up on the counter.