To the editor:
Under President Barack Obama's watch, we've accumulated more than $7 trillion in new debt. Ninety-two million people aren't in the workforce, and some economic analysts estimate our true unemployment rate at just over 18 percent. Our middle class, an important economic generator, is disappearing fast.
Our financial markets are high, the result of monstrous money creation from thin air, and prime for explosive failures. The money supply has been made huge while production falters. That's a prescription for runaway inflation that can seriously destroy the value of our currency and ruin our economy for years.
Billionaires like Donald Trump are warning their staff and families to prepare for an economic collapse. The rich have become super-rich and the working people only got debt bonds around their necks. Average U.S. wages have fallen 23 percent since 2008.
Our country is being swamped with illegals who are shipped all over the country without effective medical screening. Our border patrol has essentially been made into an illegal smuggling operation, while our border is wide open to terrorists or anyone wishing to initiate criminality here. Many of those coming in are members of extremely dangerous gangs like MS-13.
Recent records show people from more than 70 countries are rushing across our border, and drug cartels are making fortunes smuggling drugs into this country. Our national security has been thrown into the toilet so Democrats can obtain new voters.
The Middle East is exploding with terrorists armed and equipped with munitions and vehicles the present regime forced our troops to abandon when leaving the area. Christians across the Middle East are being slaughtered for their faith as terrorists take over much of the area.
Former Democratic Party bigwig Barney Frank says Obama and his people thoroughly lied to pass Obamacare. The CBO director has said his agency can't even analyze Obamacare because the program is such a mess. GAO says the program's implementation was thoroughly incompetent.
Investigations into the IRS, VA, Benghazi, Fast & Furious, and numerous others are being intentionally sabotaged. The IGs are complaining their inquiries are being totally stiffled by the present regime.
And Democrats still think people should vote for them. I think not.

Byron L. Maduska