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  • Letter to the editor: Points of contention with Times columnist's recent entry on KAL 007

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  • To the editor:
    Professor Ernest Evans is a well read and learned student of things Americana and political. It is therefore with reluctance that I impugn his flawed presentation of President Ronald Reagan's response to the deliberate, criminal shoot down of KAL 007 by the Soviets.
    The professor claims objectivity for his misrepresentations by pointing out that he never voted for Reagan. It is therefore believable that he might not accept the authenticity of the tape played by Ambassador Jean Kirkpatrick in the United Nations, which was the conversation between the Soviet fighter pilot that shot down the plane and his base. The pilot said he saw civilians in the window of the plane and that it was plainly marked as a civilian airliner. He was told to shoot it down anyway.
    The representatives of the entire world and those watching television reports heard this tape played and the lies of the Soviets were laid to rest for all but the most dedicated of the Soviet regime.
    And yet now Professor Evans is incredulous that President Reagan was angry over this act of barbarity, this cool act of murder. The professor is instead impressed by the cavalier good humor with which our current president met the shoot down of the airliner over Ukraine — more than likely by agents of Vladimir Putin.
    No doubt this president has evidence similar to that which Reagan had. The
    difference is in the response. No angry rebuke from this president, who undoubtedly got the vote of the professor.
    As for the “near disaster of Able Archer,” which the professor claims was the plan for actions in case of Soviet nuclear missile attack, the near disaster was that the Soviet Union, the second biggest destroyer of innocent human life in the history of man, was finally ended. The disaster would have been if it had continued.
    Through demonstrations of resolve and determination, President Reagan brought the Cold War to a happy ending by bringing the Soviets to the peace table where they finally ended their murderous attempts to take over the world and bury us.
    The lessons the professor attempts to teach are pernicious: do not oppose evil if risks are
    involved, take council of your fears, give in and give up. As I remember, many of those who opposed Reagan had a motto — “better Red than dead.” Thank God and not those people for the fact that we are neither because we had presidential leadership that was up to the task.
    Today, we cannot say the same and we are again near to disaster. The fools that gave us Jimmy Carter are still there, still counseling fear, surrender, and anti-Americanism. They will never learn from their mistakes, but the rest of us must.
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