To the editor:
Though known for wheat, corn and soybeans, I’m starting to wonder if the staple crops really being raised in Leavenworth County aren’t just mill rates and property taxes.
I read the story, “Fire District puts tax question to voters,” in Tuesday's Leavenworth Times and my first thought was, “What … again?”
It seems like the Times is always covering the issue of mill rates for cities, schools and now a fire district. We just voted the question of raising city sales tax to lower the mill rate, and there was the vote last year for the huge mill rate increase for the Lansing School District’s new high school.
Now Leavenworth County Fire District No. 1 wants to raise the mill levy on taxpayers from 7.7 to more than 9 mills. Who will be next in line with a mill rate increase, the water district?
We all know it takes money to run our city, county, schools and fire district, just as it takes money to run our own families. But, there seems to be a huge difference in perspectives here.
When a family budget runs tight, or out, then something gets the axe: the family vacation, college tuition, savings accounts.
But when a district runs over budget, the administrators simply propose to raise taxes again. Missing is coverage of the budget debates about cuts, reductions, or anything that hints at them trying to live within their means as our families have to do.
It’s this mindset of “going to the well” time and again that needs to change in this county. I, for one, have had enough of tax increases by anyone, but particularly by district administrators who seem to be as addicted to tax increases as any Washington, D.C., politician.
No, sir, I won’t vote for another mill rate increase this November. Let them focus on some other “cash crops” for a change.

Karl Zetmeir
Delaware Township