For my family, this is a crazy time of year.
Our activity schedule is filled with soccer practices, school projects, dance recitals, homework, piano lessons, travels and preschool music classes. I have to admit that it would be so much easier to take my family through the fast food lines for dinner.
Even if I do not take my family through the fast food lines, I would also think it would be a lot simpler if I could make them a processed meal for dinner. However, this is not only a poor choice for my family’s health, but also a poor choice for our budget.
Most days, I am exhausted by the time dinner rolls around and I do not feel like cooking, but I have a few simple suggestions that will save time and money.
The biggest suggestion I can give you on how to eat healthy and save money is by using your crock pot. I do not always do extravagant meals in my crock pots.
On many days, I will ground beef before my children come home from school, and it keeps it warm using the different warming settings on my crock pot.
The meals are prepared and I can focus on my children’s homework and after school activities without fretting about dinner.
As I have said many times before, preparation is the key to saving money. Prepping your meals on the weekend and freezing your meals is also another great idea for keeping your cost down. It is easy just to thaw, warm and serve at dinner time.
I would encourage you to avoid eating out on busy nights. It will save you money and is better for your health.

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