To the editor:
This week, one of the tea party Republicans in line with Gov. Sam Brownback and State Rep. John Bradford tried to say there is good fiscal news in Kansas.
Say what? A month ago, Moody’s downgraded our credit rating, saying the state is on a financially unstable course. Last week, Standard & Poor downgraded again, saying Kansas is fiscally irresponsible.
There may have been a surplus in June, but 75 percent of it has been spent to meet state obligations in the face of sharply declining revenues. Our job growth has been less than that of our neighboring states, and less than the nation as a whole.
In the last six months, we’ve actually lost jobs in Kansas, as the economy continues to decline. Our schools are getting the same rate of reimbursement — less than $4,000 per student — as they received in 1992, when adjusted for inflation. In the last two years education funding has sustained the biggest cut in our state’s history.
We have the largest increase of any state in uninsured residents, many of whom are veterans.
Potential good news: New business filings are at record highs because the state took all small businesses, LLCs, S-sorps and sole proprietorships off the income tax rolls.
Anyone who might qualify applied to be one to those. More than 200,000 of these businesses are now paying no income taxes. And, the tax rate for the wealthiest tier of Kansans was cut in half, but mine stayed the same, while my property and sales taxes went up.
The best news is the legislative session ended early, so no more damage could be done to the Kansas economy, to our schools, and to every taxpayer living in Kansas. 

Linda Johnson