Herschel Lincoln, a longtime Leavenworth resident, has neither met nor put eyes on infant Carson Asher, but Lincoln has worked since early July on the baby's behalf.
"I believe that's what Christians are supposed to do — you see a family in need and you try to help them all you can with what you have," Lincoln said.
Carson, the son of local residents Kevin and Megan Asher, was born May 30 with hypoplastic left heart syndrome, a congenital heart defect in which the left ventricle is severely underdeveloped.
Lincoln is a family friend, and one of the primary organizers of Friday night's "An Angel in Distress," a gospel concert and benefit at the Heritage Center, 109 Delaware St., in Leavenworth.
All proceeds from the event, which includes performances by Lincoln's The Rock quartet, Gospel Train and Ron Jaster, will be used to pay down Carson's medical expenses that are not covered by insurance.
"If it was my child, I would want help," Lincoln said. "The hospital bills are just humongous. … They have insurance, but you know how it is, it isn't going to cover all of it.
"I just decided if we could collect and help them, we would. We're going to do the best we can."
Danny Asher, Kevin's father and Carson's grandfather, said his baby grandson is back in the hospital being treated for a number of issues. Carson has had numerous health problems in his young life, Dan said, and needed open heart surgery just a few days after he was born.
He said Kevin and Megan's medical expenses have climbed to more than $300,000, but their primary concern right now is for their son.
"You're worried about your kid," said Dan, who owns and operates Dasher Garage in Lansing. "It's been real hard for both of them."
But, though there have been troubles, there has also been support from local community members, he said.
"There's been a lot of blessings," Dan said. "There are a lot of churches and a lot of people praying."
Lincoln said about 10 area businesses have donated thus far, as have several area residents.
"I'm getting $10s, $20s, just people walk up and give it to me," he said.
"I had a 93-year-old lady the other day, Sunday, walk up to me and give me an envelope. There was $100 in it, and I would like to have fell over. So there's people giving."
Still, he's hoping to raise more.
Food will be available at Friday's event from 6-7 p.m. for $5 per person. There is no admission for the musical performances, though free will donations will be accepted.
There are also "Pray for Carson" wristbands available for $5 each.
"People are hungry for good news, and good, clean fun, I believe," Lincoln said. "I think that's what people want, so they can come out and enjoy themselves (Friday night).
"We just hope people will come, enjoy themselves, and if not, donate money to help the (Ashers) out. Every penny that is raised, guaranteed, will go to Carson's fund to pay hospital bills."
For more information on the benefit concert, call the Heritage Center at (913) 682-2122. To donate individually, call Lincoln at (913) 683-0029.