I have always said the key to living a frugal life is living a simple life. I have always stressed one of the keys to living a frugal life is not trying to keep up with the Jones's and know what you have and do not feel the need to live amongst a lot of stuff.
I put this theory into practice last weekend.
Every few months, I purge my children's rooms. Without fail, every few months I go in and clean out toys and trinkets my children have collected that simply leads to their rooms filled with clutter.
However, every four to six months I go in for a major purge. My youngest child's room fell victim to my latest purge during the weekend.
On Sunday, we told the children we were turning off all technology.
During that time, I took the opportunity to have my children help participate in the cleaning and purging process. By the time I was done, we had one large garbage bag of trash, three garbage bags of toys to be donated and a bag of clothes to be donated. While I typically would think about selling some items at a yard sale, I decided to just donate all the items so I did not have excess clutter lying around the house that I simply do not need. Within 24 hours all the items were donated to good homes.
Another way I put this theory into practice is by my children's clothes.
We do not own a lot of clothing. Both seasons of clothing can fit in my children's closets. We purchase basic colored pants. This way with basic color pants, I do not have to search hard for tops to go with them. I am able to hang all my children's clothes for all seasons in their closet, which forces me to stare at what they have.
Another reason I love living with less clothes is because it forces me to stay on top of my laundry. With a few amount of outfits to wear, I must do a full load of laundry regularly. By staying on top of your wash, it allows you to cut down on clutter, keeps your home clean and allows me to know what I have.
I truly believe the best way to gain a frugal lifestyle is by being content. Do not feel the need to go out and purchase more stuff.
Enjoy what you have and keep your home simple.