To the editor:
Below is a copy of a letter I sent to the Leavenworth City Commission:
I am writing to you regarding the future sale of the Beverly Lumber property at 714 Oak St., in Leavenworth.
I live near the BL property. I recently attended a city meeting with neighbors and a representative of (a local real estate company), where the purpose of the meeting was for the City Committee to vote on the access of large vehicles to street parking and the parking lot located on the property.
The city committee voted to not change the classification of the property. I am sure you can understand the committee's and my frustration when the purpose/nature of the business that desires to purchase the property was withheld from the attending public and the city sitting committee group.
We all know bad neighbors are not just annoying. They can cost surrounding neighbors loss of value of their property when it comes time to sell their home. I must point out it is possible the future business purchaser of the property may not be a bad neighbor, but the representative of the real estate company would not disclose the purpose/nature of the business. Public attendees of the meeting all live in the vicinity of the Beverly property.
As adjoining neighbors, we have spent years improving and maintaining our historic neighborhood to, of course, add value to our properties and to help keep Leavenworth a proud historical First City of Kansas. After years of working on one's property, a surprise development in our neighborhood can take a turn immediately to lower the market value of our property.
It would be a shame if this property were allowed to become a blight in this primarily quiet residential neighborhood. The newly renovated Haymarket Square and the "river" walk should not be adjacent to a junk yard or some business under the classification of light or heavy industrial. Semi-trucks should not be traveling down residential streets where children play.
Therefore, it's important to me and other neighbors that any decisions that are to be made reference the sale or use of the property be fully transparent to all neighbors who can be affected by the sale and to keep the general public informed of the city's plan for this unique real estate.
I request the use of the proposed business become public before the city makes any decisions as to the official traffic authorized to access the property and the use/purpose of the property by the new business. Thank you for considering this neighborhood's citizens.

John D. Sanders