We are one step closer to getting the truth about the botched gun-running operation known as Fast and Furious that resulted in the death of border agent Brian Terry.

On Wednesday, a federal judge ordered the Justice Department to turn over a list of Fast and Furious documents to Congress.
The House of Representatives is hopeful these documents will help us discover why the Department of Justice was misleading about its reckless conduct and will allow us to give the American people the truth they deserve.
Around the district
• On Wednesday, members of the Midwest ALS Association came by my office to discuss ALS Research programs and the importance of raising ALS awareness in our communities.
Thank you to Nancy Lindquist for all your hard work, and a special thanks to Bob Davis and his wife, Evelyn Davis, for sharing their personal struggles with this disease.
• I had a great discussion with folks in Holton at my Coffee with Your Congresswoman event. Thanks to everyone who stopped by City Hall to share their ideas and concerns.
• On Wednesday afternoon, I met with Mayor Tim Lentz at Horton City Hall to hear more about the “Reinventing Horton” project.
It is exciting to see a town come together and organize a great project like “Reinvent Horton” to improve their community. I hope other communities in Kansas will follow their lead and I know I will encourage others to look to Horton as an example.
It was an honor to speak at the dedication ceremony for a new sign that will welcome visitors to the city of Horton. The new sign recognizes the growing economic partnerships between the city and the Kickapoo Nation.
• It was also a privilege to attend the Children’s Mercy Hospital’s “Discover Children’s Mercy” event in Kansas City this week.
Children’s Mercy is one of the highest-ranked children’s hospitals in the nation and are the only facility within a 250-mile radius to have neonatal intensive care with a level 4 facility. They are doing extraordinary work for the Kansas City area and I want to especially thank Dr. Thomas Tryon and their staff for taking me around.
• Last week, I also had the opportunity to meet with folks in Southeast Kansas and tour a number of businesses, including Post Rock Energy in Chanute, SEKTAM, Inc. in Coffeyville, and TranSystems in Independence.