I have said one of the biggest ways our family has found to save money is by making things from scratch.
If you follow my Frugal Family Facebook page, you know I love making my own homemade chocolate syrup, my own playdough, biscuits, cookies and cakes from scratch, and I use baking soda and vinegar for cleaning products.
However, recently my friend shared another great way to save money.
My friend shared a recipe for homemade peanut butter. It is extremely simple and will not break the bank.
She said she took her food processor and grinded up three cups of planters unsalted peanuts. About halfway through the grinding process, she added a tablespoon of honey.
She said she was able to make approximately two cups of peanut butter.
Remember, if you are looking to save money and stay a lot healthier, it is important to remember to make your items from scratch. You will find a lot of items are not very time consuming and will not only save you money, but will typically allow you to live an extremely healthier lifestyle.

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