Local residents conducting genealogy research have a new tool at their disposal.

Local residents conducting genealogy research have a new tool at their disposal.

They can seek help from a cemetery database that can be accessed by staff of the Leavenworth Public Library or Leavenworth County Historical Society.

Representatives of the library and Historical Society recently were trained how to use the database with information about people buried in Leavenworth County cemeteries.

The public already can access a version of the database on the Geographic Information Systems Department page of the Leavenworth County website.

But, Jim Claunch, who has worked on the database for 10 years, said the online version is only an index that provides information about where people are buried.

The Leavenworth resident said the full database includes everything he has found out about people who've been buried in the county.

"There's quite a bit of information in there," he said.

Claunch said this includes information about when people died and their relatives. He said the database includes information about whether people buried in the county served in the military.

"I have a way of tracking veterans," he said.

He said the database includes about 110,000 records.

"We were just in awe of what is on it," said Mary Kay Menard, Kansas Room librarian at Leavenworth Public Library.

She was one of the library employees who went through the training July 30.

Menard said the database includes information about things such as burial locations of African-American soldiers known as Buffalo Soldiers. She said the database also includes information about cemeteries that aren't known to the public.

"He has a history of those," she said.

Claunch began a research project to find, identify and record Leavenworth County burial sites in March 2004.

He's been assisted in the project by a number of volunteers including Leavenworth County GIS Director Jeff Culbertson.

"We've done a lot of (cemetery) restoration and renovation work over the years," Claunch said.

He said people who've worked on the database have tried to make it available to the public. That was the reason for the training of the library and historical society personnel.

Claunch said there are only five ways to access the database ― the online index, Leavenworth Public Library, Leavenworth County Historical Society, Culbertson and himself.

Menard said library staff can look up information on the database for members of the public. She said people wanting help should stop by the library's reference desk.

"We should all be able to help you," she said.