A man who reportedly hid under a bed at a Leavenworth residence to spy on the mother of his children was sentenced Wednesday to five years in prison.

A man who reportedly hid under a bed at a Leavenworth residence to spy on the mother of his children was sentenced Wednesday to five years in prison.

Earl Brockington Jr., 35, Kansas City, Kansas, also was sentenced to an additional six months in the Leavenworth County Jail.

Brockington was convicted Aug. 18 in Leavenworth County District Court of robbery, criminal restraint, domestic battery, intimidation of a victim and criminal trespass. He was acquitted of four additional counts.

The charges stemmed from an incident that occurred April 21 in Leavenworth.

Brockington entered the house of his children's mother and hid under a bed for several hours while he spied on the family, prosecution officials said.

After he was discovered in the home, Brockington reportedly grabbed a phone from the children's mother and then wrestled with her for a second phone.

Brockington had been scheduled to be sentenced last week. But, District Judge Gunnar Sundby took additional time to consider a defense motion seeking a more lenient sentence than what was called for under state sentencing guidelines.

Under the guidelines, the standard prison sentence for the robbery charge was 10 years. The robbery charged stemmed from the taking of the two phones.

Brockington had a criminal history score of B, which is the second highest score under the system used to calculate potential sentences.

"That accelerates, or enhances, the sentence quite a bit," Sundby said.

Brockington's attorney, Joel Rook, had argued a 10-year prison sentence would be grossly disproportionate to sentences posed in similar cases.

Assistant County Attorney Sherri Becker, who prosecuted the case, argued the standard sentence should be imposed.

She said the case was different than other domestic violence cases.

"He broke into this home," she said.

Becker said Brockington had violated the family's privacy by hiding under the bed.

Becker said the violence didn't end when Brockington took the phones. She said it escalated.

Sundby said the sentencing guidelines are guidelines, and he can depart from them if there is a substantial and compelling reason.

Sundby said if the victim had been shoved and dropped the phone, causing it to break, the penalty would have been significantly less for the defendant.

The judge said the circumstances of the case differed from other robberies.

Sundby said he believed 10 years was too lengthy of a sentence. The judge said he would cut the 10-year sentence in half.

"That's still a significant sentence," he said.

Sundby also sentenced Brockington to six months in the county jail for a misdemeanor criminal restraint charge. He ordered this to run consecutive to the five-year prison sentence.

Sundby imposed six-month jail sentences to the remaining misdemeanor charges but ordered these to run concurrent to the other charges.