To the editor:

My letter of Oct. 25 in which I attempted to explain the reasons for the polarization between liberals and conservatives was discussed by Linda Johnson in her From Left Field column of Nov. 4.

In my letter I listed my impression of what liberals believe. No conservative really knows what they believe, but from what they do, we can infer their agenda and the results they seem to want to bring about.

Ms. Johnson declared that my list of liberal objectives was alien to her. That’s reasonable. Very few people are totally liberal or totally conservative. She isn’t a politician, but she seems to have aligned herself with liberalism, which is dominated by the left. The left’s long-term objective is socialism, if not communism, for America. She may not personally have these objectives, but the left certainly does. Bernie Sanders is overtly socialist.

The advocates of each philosophy cloak their actions in clouds of confusing words. Liberal politicians will never say they favor big government, high taxes or a weak national defense. However, we’ve just had eight years of government led by the left. Every action they took proves my case. They expanded government, raised taxes (especially with Obamacare) and cut defense to the bone.

Here are a few other beliefs I claimed that liberals must have and which seemed alien to Ms. Johnson.

n “Economy controlled by government” – proven by Obama’s restrictions on the coal industry, his blocking of the pipeline, the miles per gallon targets that automakers must achieve and many other government interventions and restrictions

n “Moral relativity (essentially, no morals)” –  Which states are legalizing recreational marijuana? Hint, they’re all blue states. How did liberals treat Bill Clinton’s antics? Or Harvey Weinstein’s? Many attempted to shrug them off as unimportant, as they do when confronted with Hilary Clinton’s felonies and corrupt actions. Or they simply deny them.

n “Forced evolution of customs and traditions to God knows what” –  What else is the movement to gay marriage, which weakened family ideals and perverted the traditional concept of marriage? What else is their near-deification of transgenders, the definition of which didn’t exist 30 years ago? Will they support plural marriages next? 

n “The left chooses victims” – I’d say the left’s currently most emphasized victim classes are African-Americans, illegal immigrants and Muslims. Liberals have done immeasurable damage to society, the economy and the groups themselves by claiming American society victimizes them. There is unending conflict because of the constant propaganda persuading these groups that everyone else, including the police, are their enemies. Nothing positive can ever come out of constant strife.

Liberals invented political correctness to keep anyone from even discussing the issues surrounding African Americans and illegal immigrants, as well as LGBTs and others. We must not hurt their feelings.   

The left pushes political correctness to extreme lengths. Does anyone really believe Native Americans are upset because Kansas City’s football team’s nickname is the Chiefs? Or Washington’s Redskins? Does anyone not liberal believe using the wrong pronoun for a transgender person’s current preference deserves a jail sentence?

The left also invented sanctuary cities and in many places refuses to obey federal laws relating to illegal immigrants arrested for serious crimes.

Of course, conservatives aren’t pure. A similar but I think less impressive case might be made for some of their harmful views.

I’d be interested in Ms. Johnson’s view of what liberals see as their objectives and how they go about achieving them.