Crystal Swann Blackdeer is president of Leavenworth County Humane Society. In this Q5 she talks about the upcoming Pints for Paws Pub Crawl fundraiser.

Crystal Swann Blackdeer is president of Leavenworth County Humane Society. In this Q5 she talks about the upcoming Pints for Paws Pub Crawl fundraiser.

1. Crystal, what is the Pints for Paws Pub Crawl and how long has this been a tradition in Leavenworth?  

Pints for Paws is a relaxing, fun, silly sometimes, people-only walk with friends and refreshments.  We don't do sob stories or lectures or guilt.  Not your college pub crawl, we're finished before dark.  This is the fifth year Jen Bruner, DVM (Lansing Veterinary Hospital) has organized the event and she does an amazing job rounding up sponsors and prizes.  There are often drink specials at the venues.  People snack along the way and most stay for dinner at the last stop.  We have fabulous first time and repeat sponsors, and they're all on the back of the event tee, which is done each year by Brown Bear.

2. Where do the proceeds for the event go and why is this event not only a fun activity for attendees but also a rewarding one for people who care about animal welfare? 

Since we opened our temporary shelter behind the Leavenworth County Co-op in August 2016, our expenses have shot up.  Rent, utilities, animal care supplies, cleaning supplies, and of course veterinary bills.  Each pet we take in costs around $200 from intake to reclaim or adoption, and even if we're empty (which never happens), it costs about $1,000 a month to run the office.  We haven't yet met a veterinary clinic, landlord, supply vendor or utility company that will take blankets, treats, toys, etc in trade.  In-kind donations are nice, but cash is most flexible.  We're raising funds for serious stuff, but the event itself is pure fun.  

3. How much is registration and what does the price include? How can people find more information and sign up?  

Registration on-line is $25.  People can sign up through our Facebook event ( or join us Saturday for $30 at any of the venues. Participants get a snappy T-shirt and a crawl-friendly commemorative mug.  At sign in, participants get one raffle ticket, and we sell tickets throughout the event.  We have a wide variety of prizes this year and will have some intriguing auction items as well.  LCHS, Inc. Executive Director Crystal will poop scoop the lucky winner's yard (one time only) for the right price!

4. What bars and pubs will be visited on the Crawl and for those who aren’t familiar with the establishments, what makes each unique? Is transportation provided?  

We're thrilled with the slate of stops this year.  We start at TenPenny Restaurant at 3 p.m., where cool drinks and tasty appetizers await.  At 4 p.m., we are at Luigi's whose center bar will allow for lots of group interaction.  We move from there to Fatheads Irish Pub, with music, billiards and darts.  Lip sync may be on the agenda depending on the crowd's enthusiasm. We end at Grinders High Noon, where there's great food and a wide variety of drinks.  That's where we'll do the auction.  Most people walk from one venue to the next. We don't allow open containers and encourage designated drivers.

5. What is the Leavenworth County Humane Society’s mission and why is it important for local residents to continue to help this non-profit organization?

For far too long, and in far too much of Leavenworth County, if a pet showed up on your doorstep, your options were pretty much ignore it, keep it or shoot it.   If you couldn't keep your pet any longer, you had to search far and wide to find your pet a new home, and some even abandoned their pets.  We can do better.  LCHS, Inc. is the only organization working to build and operate a no-kill pet animal shelter to serve all Leavenworth County residents.  We have the land, we have the plan, we have the permit to operate the shelter on our property in the Lansing Business Center.  We just need to raise the money to build it. For now, we operate from the temporary shelter.  It's allowing us to serve lots more pets and people than we could from foster homes alone.  We have contracts with the cities of Lansing and Linwood, and limit our intakes to those in our county who aren't served by the municipal shelter in Leavenworth.  When we have space, we "pull" animals from Basehor and Leavenworth Animal Control. Most folks don't realize that there's been a Humane Society in Leavenworth/Leavenworth County since 1888, and perhaps as early as 1885.  There have been a few periods when the organization disbanded or went dormant, but we're going strong now.  We're extremely grateful to the good and caring people who support our work, either by donating or volunteering.  Everyone at LCHS, Inc. is still a volunteer.  Email or call 913-250-0506 to learn more.

— Rimsie McConiga