The Lansing Board of Education has approved a new acceptable use policy for iPad computers issued to students.

The Lansing Board of Education has approved a new acceptable use policy for iPad computers issued to students.

The policy, which creates a new fee structure for paying for repairs, was approved when board members met Monday, according to Superintendent Darrel Stufflebeam.

Assistant Superintendent Dan Wessel said elements of an older acceptable use policy will remain in place. He said the new policy was created to pull together information into one place for parents of students in grades six through 12.

That is because these students will be permitted to take home district-issued iPads.

Wessel said the high school has allowed students to take home iPads for a couple of years, but the practice is being extended to the middle school for the upcoming year.

One change included in the new policy is a $25 self-insurance and usage fee for each student who will be taking an iPad home.

In the past, the district has charged parents for the cost of repairing a damaged device. But the self-insurance and usage fee will create of pool of money to pay for repairs.

The $25 fee will be charged to parents at the time of enrollment.

Even with the fee, parents will still be charged deductibles for repairs.

According to the policy, parents will be charged a $50 deductible for the first repair of a child’s iPad. A $125 deductible will be applied for the second repair of the child’s device. For each additional repair, the deductible will be $150 or the cost of the repair, whichever is higher.

The district will charge $425 each time an iPad is lost, stolen or destroyed.

The record of the number of repairs made to a student’s device will carry over from year to year. But the record will reset as the student enters a new school building.

Wessel said the policy also acknowledges that parents may want to place additional restrictions on students’ usage of iPads while they are at home.

“We encourage parents to set those restrictions if they feel like they need to,” he said.

But parents are asked to notify school officials when they use software to place additional restrictions on a device. It is possible school officials will need to override these restrictions to install software for classes.

Stufflebeam said the $25 self-insurance and usage fee will be incorporated into the instructional materials fee for high school and middle school students.

While these fees are being increased by $25 for middle and high school students, other fees such as activity fees will not change for the upcoming school year, he said.

Board members approved these fees during Monday’s meeting. They also approved school lunch prices.

School lunch prices will increase 10 cents per meal, according to Stufflebeam.

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