Carl Brewer served as the 100th mayor of Wichita, Kansas, and also Wichita's first elected African-American mayor.

Carl Brewer served as the 100th mayor of Wichita, Kansas, and also Wichita's first elected African-American mayor.
After winning his first term in 2007, he was re-elected to a second term in 2011. His final term ended in 2015. In this Quick 5 interview, Brewer talks about why he has decided to run for governor.

1. Carl, why do you want to be governor of Kansas? What initially attracted you to government leadership and what offices have you held?
I have been blessed with many opportunities in public service during my lifetime, and my recent retirement from the aviation industry created an opportunity to look at new challenges. At this stage of my life, I have  no aspiration to be a career politician, but I definitely see a need for new leadership for the state of Kansas. My decisions to serve as mayor, city council member and citizen committee member were all driven by a concern for my community. I have been fortunate to serve a constructive role in all of those offices. As governor, I would use that experience to engage the entire state in a dialogue, looking for new strategies and new solutions to improve the quality of life for all citizens.
2. With a recent poll (Fort Hays State University’s Docking Institute for Public Affairs) showing that nearly two-thirds of Kansans think their state is on the wrong track, what are your goals for ‘getting Kansas back on track’ if you become governor?
From the very beginning of my campaign in February, I have said my goal is to get the state of Kansas back on track.
That means fixing a broken tax system that has shifted the financial burden from the wealthy to the lower and middle classes. It also means restoring confidence in our state government and its ability to provide quality education from kindergarten through college.
Funding for our transportation system must be restored, ending the legislative raids on the “Bank of KDOT.” The State of Kansas must become a partner with local communities, not an adversary as it has been the past six years.
3. Of those polled, 77 percent said they were concerned about the state’s economy. How concerned are you about this and what would you do to ensure a prosperous financial future in Kansas?
Businesses will be attracted to a state that has a solid financial picture, a stable tax system and a responsible approach to serving the needs of its citizens.
As governor, I will restore the same financial stability that guided local governments through the Great Recession.
Kansas businesses must compete in a global marketplace, and the state of Kansas should be a valuable and dependable resource to help our businesses succeed.
4. As a former Wichita mayor, what did you learn while leading the largest city in the state that would serve you well as governor?
My most valuable lesson was learning to listen to my constituents.
As mayor, I had an open-door policy to welcome comments and  criticisms from all citizens. I learned that the best solutions result from constructive dialogue.
My success as mayor was the result of the hard work of those who answered the call of public service.
As governor, I would follow the same path, listening to Kansans and inviting a constructive dialogue to solve our problems.
5. Does Kansas have great potential for growth and prosperity? How can the state ensure a dynamic economic environment for those who live in the state and also attract new businesses?
The people of Kansas are the number-one resource of the state of Kansas.
We have a workforce that is the envy of all, and it is the primary attraction that will bring new businesses and economic growth to our state.
But, a great workforce is only possible if we invest in a quality education for all, creating opportunities for every child to become a productive member of our society.
We have an entrepreneurial spirit that lives today in the hearts and minds of Kansans who are ready to leap forward into the future.  
Kansas has unlimited potential, as long as we continue to believe in ourselves and are guided by principles of honesty, integrity and a true sense of responsibility for our fellow citizens.

— Rimsie McConiga