Tanner Hendrix participated in a SkillsUSA Technical Math tournament. In this Q5 interview he talks about earning 20th best technical math honors in the U.S.

Tanner Hendrix participated in a SkillsUSA Technical Math tournament. In this Q5 interview he talks about earning 20th best technical math honors in the U.S.

1. Tanner, what high school do you attend and how did you become involved in SkillsUSA Technical Math? And how did you feel when you realized you are the 20th best technical math contestant in the entire country?
I will be a senior at Leavenworth High School next year, I became involved in SkillsUSA my freshman year when one of my teachers (Ruth Striggow) suggested that I join the school club and compete against other students in the state. I was a little shocked when I found out especially since it was my first year competing in that event.

2. What did the recent national SkillsUSA tournament involve and what were the most memorable experiences you took away from it? Where was the tournament?
For my event I had to do a 50-question math test dealing with different forms of technical math but the tricky part is the two-hour time limit, Nationals was located in Louisville, Kentucky, and my most memorable experiences were doing the fun things in Louisville like the Louisville slugger museum, and going to a minor league baseball game.

3. Was it challenging and difficult to make your way up the SkillsUSA ladder from local to state to national competitions? What were the biggest hurdles along the way?
Well, kind of everyone gets the opportunity to compete at the state level but you have to win state to advance to Nationals and that's where my one hurdle was. I had to win state in a new event, and I was personally shocked I did that.

4. What do you plan to study in college and what activities do you enjoy in high school? How do you think SkillsUSA helps students achieve good academic results in high school and it is a good preparation for college and future careers?
I plan on studying bio-mechanical engineering. Well I run cross-country and track, and enjoy running as well as being a member of NHS, STUCO and SkillsUSA. SkillsUSA gives students experience in possible job-related technical competitions in high pressure situations, so it helps teach students needed job skills in a efficient manner, which of course helps them in future career endeavors.   

5. Who has been the most influential role model in your life and your biggest supporter both academically and in sports?
My biggest role model is and will always be my dad, he taught me life lessons that can be used in more then just sports or school, they are applicable to everyday life.  Along with those life lessons he helped establish a good moral base and mindset on how to take on life.
He also taught me to always look for the good in everything and even when you're not sure how to do something to still give it 110 percent.  My biggest supporters have been both my parents — they've been to almost every sporting event of mine, and to every academic award ceremony or banquet I've been a part of. They've also stood by every decision I've made in both sports and academics and I know my mom will stand by my toughest one yet in where to attend college and my dad would do the same if he was still alive.  
— Rimsie McConiga