Gabrielle Smith will compete in America's Homecoming Queen July 22. In this Q5 interview she talks about the upcoming pageant.

Gabrielle Smith will compete in America’s Homecoming Queen July 22. In this Q5 interview she talks about the upcoming pageant.

1. Gabrielle, at what age did you begin competing in beauty pageants and what was it about the pageants that made you want to participate?
This will only be my second pageant, the first being the Kansas Homecoming Queen selection.
America’s Homecoming Queen Inc., likes to consider itself less of a beauty pageant, and more of a scholarship program focusing on leadership community service.
This pageant enticed me because of what it focuses on.  
2. As the Kansas Homecoming Queen and former Lansing High School Homecoming Queen, what are you looking forward to the most about competing in the annual America’s Homecoming Queen selection July 22 in Memphis, Tennessee?
I am definitely looking forward to meeting so many different girls from across the nation who are much like me.
I am also quite excited to share with everyone what is so great about the Sunflower State.
3. How are you preparing for this pageant and what are you focusing on for the competition? How can the general public help you in the competition?
For the  pageant, I am to prepare a speech about why people should visit my state, and a community service project all about what community service means to me, and the type of community service that I have been doing for the past year.
Aside from that, I have been preparing for the interviews that I will have with the judges.
Those focus in on what kind of person I am, and what I am looking to do with my life.
As for the general public, all I can ask for are prayers as I travel to compete, and best wishes as I go on to represent our great state.

4. What does America’s Homecoming Queen promote and is it a non-profit organization?
America’s Homecoming Queen is a non-profit that  promotes the education of young women around the state.
5. What are your plans for a career?
I want to perform professionally at live theatres.
I will be attending the University of Kansas to study theatre performance, with a possible business minor to help me kickstart my career.
— Rimsie McConiga