There’s a new game popping up all over Basehor and everyone is getting involved. Painted rocks – little pieces of artwork – are being hidden and found in every nook and cranny around the city. Following a trend sweeping communities around the country, Basehor has joined the grassroots movement to get families involved in a fun and creative activity.

Earlier this month, a Facebook group was created called Basehor ROCKS! The group is open to anyone who is interested in painting, hiding or hunting rocks. 

The group’s directions are simple: decorate rocks using paints or pens, add a note on the back identifying it as part of the Basehor ROCKS! group and share a picture on the Facebook group. Sealing the rock is optional but helps preserve the painted rocks from the weather since the rocks are hidden outside.

“I saw this project as a way to bring the community together and maybe advertise for the local businesses,” Basehor ROCKS! group administrator Abby Miller said. “When we are leaving them around town with clues, people learn more of what Basehor has to offer the community.”

The artwork on the rocks should be kid-friendly since many of the rock hunters are children. Also, they should not have any attachments that could become detached and end up as litter.

The rocks can be painted any way the artist decides. Recently, there were about a dozen different cat rocks that were painted and hidden around town, while others included an inspirational phrase or note.

The rocks are meant to spread love and joy around Basehor. Unexpectedly finding a painted rock can give a smile to anyone. Rocks should only be hidden on public property and not where a lawnmower could hit them. Cemeteries are off limits.  

Part of the fun of painting rocks is to see who finds it once the rock has been hidden somewhere in Basehor. Some people give hints about where their rocks are placed and it is encouraged to post pictures of the rock that is found, which helps the artist know their rock was found. Rocks can either be kept or re-hidden. In a society when children are so focused on electronics, it’s an opportunity for parents and kids to do things together outside.

“Taking my granddaughter and daughter around Basehor has been a great experience,” said Basehor resident Rebecca Keopke. “They get out and get exercise and learn new things about the community. My granddaughter’s dad is deployed in Kuwait and he enjoys seeing the next rock she finds and where it might be hidden. He is actually painting rocks while he is in Kuwait and sending them home for her to hide.”

The Fairmount Township Fire Department got involved by having its fire crew paint rocks to be hidden around town. 

The Basehor Community Library will be hosting a rock painting event from 10 a.m. to noon Aug. 5. Bring your own rocks to paint and the library will provide the supplies and space to paint. No registration is required.

Beth Kornegay is a freelance writer covering news and events in the city of Basehor. If you have a story idea, email her at