This is the second installment in a series of profiles of candidates for Leavenworth City Commission.

This is the second installment in a series of profiles of candidates for Leavenworth City Commission. The primary for the City Commission race will take place Tuesday. The primary will narrow the field of at-large candidates from 11 to six.


Myron J. “Mike” Griswold

Age: 65

Occupation: Operations manager/senior analyst for Parsons Corporation

Political experience: None, although I have been president of the USD 207 Fort Leavenworth Board of Education since August 2009. Besides being a West Point graduate, I have earned three graduate degrees: Master of Science in management from the Naval Postgraduate School, Master of Military Art and Science from the Command and General Staff College and Executive Master of Business Administration from Rockhurst University.


Phil Martin

Age: 71

Occupation: Retired

Political experience: See answer No. 2


Mark Preisinger

Age: 65

Occupation: President of Mark 8 Global Source Inc.

Political experience: Leavenworth school board, 1997-2005; City Commission, 2009-present


Why are you running for City Commission?

Griswold: I hear from friends, colleagues and citizens in general that Leavenworth never changes. I agree and am tired of the status quo. I love my hometown and feel there is a great reservoir of untapped potential within Leavenworth. I have the leadership ability, expertise, experience, energy and values to help unleash this potential and improve the quality of life for all citizens.

Martin: I am running and previously ran because I feel it is time for a new insight and vision for the city. I applaud those who have served now and in the past; however, I feel the citizens need someone who can make motions and actively be involved in discussions.

Preisinger: Leavenworth has been my hometown since 1962 and I am very proud of it. Contributing to the development of Leavenworth to make it a better place to live, work, invest and raise a family is the reason I want to serve another term. One of the passions I have spearheaded since being on the commission is eliminating blight, stricter code enforcement and removal of dilapidated, abandoned properties if they are not properly maintained after given ample time to correct the issues. I want to continue this.


What qualifications or experiences do you feel have prepared you for a position on the City Commission?

Griswold: I am a West Point graduate and retired colonel with 30 years of military service. My career focus was on leadership, problem solving, financial and personnel management. This focus has continued during 14 years in business. I also have governance experience, with 17 years on the Armed Forces Insurance Board of Directors and eight years as president of the USD 207 Fort Leavenworth Board of Education.

Martin: Over the last decade I have either attended the commission meetings in person or watched them on TV. I have also attended five or six budget meetings when no one else is there. I served on the Community Development Advisory Board for 10 years and actively on the Side Walk Committee for the past seven years. Therefore, I somewhat understand how the city government runs.

Preisinger: Having been on the school board for eight years and on the City Commission for eight-plus years, I have the experience to understand the issues and challenges facing Leavenworth. There are not simple solutions to complex situations, but working with experienced, professional city staff we can accomplish many things to maintain and grow Leavenworth and be financially accountable to the taxpayers to ensure taxes are allocated and spent responsibly.


What do you feel are the most important issues facing the City Commission?

Griswold: The most important issue facing the City Commission is the lack of a vision for the future. I have the creativity and collaboration skills to develop a vision, and the experience to further that vision as city commissioner. Working with Leavenworth citizens, the city manager and fellow commissioners, I plan to develop a unifying, achievable and forward-thinking vision for the city.

Martin: Infrastructure, codes and ordinances and the lack of interest in downtown Leavenworth. I feel the citizens wonder why certain codes or ordinances are there in the first place and not strictly enforced. There simply isn't enough space to go into details about the issue of downtown Leavenworth. I want to get the citizens the most bang for their buck.

Preisinger: Leavenworth has the lowest property tax of any of the five major cities in the county – Leavenworth, Lansing, Basehor, Tonganoxie and Bonner Springs. Maintaining the low property tax rate while continuing to provide outstanding public safety, work/investment opportunities and quality of life for all residents, visitors and workers in Leavenworth will ensure we thrive into the future.

– John Richmeier