Leavenworth city commissioners took the first step in a process that could result in the demolition of structures on 10 properties.

Leavenworth city commissioners took the first step in a process that could result in the demolition of structures on 10 properties.

During a meeting Tuesday, commissioners reviewed properties that city staff members believe may meet the criteria for dangerous structures.

Commissioners voted 4-0 to place the properties on a list for possible demolition. Commissioner Lisa Weakley was absent.

City Planner Julie Hurley said the list of properties will be brought back before the commission a couple of more times before the structures can be torn down. She said a public hearing on the properties likely will take place in October.

She said certified letters had not yet been sent to the owners of the properties to notify them that the structures are being considered for demolition. She said this would happen after Tuesday's review by the commission.

The structures on the list are a garage at 1015 N. 14th St., a house at 1214 Pottawatomie St., a house at 116 Ottawa St., a multi-family structure at 119-121 Kickapoo St., a garage at 913 Pawnee St., a garage at 715-717 Sixth Ave., a house and shed at 800 Miami St., a house at 1609 Lawrence Ave., a house at 1921 Fifth Ave. and a house at 2608 S. Fourth St.

Hurley said all of the houses that are being considered for demolition are unoccupied. She said people may be living on the properties in which only the garages are being considered for demolition.

City Manager Paul Kramer said there are other properties in the city that could be considered for demolition, but budget constraints limit how many can be demolished at this time.

"Our list is actually longer than that," he said, "but this all we have funding for right now."

He said more funding will be available in the next fiscal year.

Mayor Pro-Tem Mark Preisinger said all of the structures that were reviewed Tuesday were deservedly placed on the list for possible demolition. He said all of the properties have had multiple code violations.

"They need to come down," he said.

Preisinger said commissioners need to clean up the city if they want to attract investment to different areas of the community.

Mayor Nancy Bauder said there are a couple of structures on Metropolitan Avenue that also should be considered for demolition.

Kramer said commissioners do not have to wait until January before considering another group of properties for demolition. But he said commissioners need to wait for the 2018 budget to be approved.

Also Tuesday, commissioners reached a consensus to advance an ordinance to levy special assessments against properties to recoup costs associated with the earlier demolition of seven structures. The demolition costs for these structures total $61,613.

The proposed ordinance will be brought back to the commission at a later date for a final vote.

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