This is the third installment in a series featuring profiles of candidates for the Leavenworth City Commission.

This is the third installment in a series featuring profiles of candidates for the Leavenworth City Commission. The primary for the City Commission race will take place Tuesday. The primary will narrow the field of at-large candidates from 11 to six.


Charles Raney

Age: 52

Occupation: City commissioner

Political experience: Two years as a city commissioner


Daniel Schiffbauer

Age: 31

Occupation: Certified peer specialist

Political experience: First-time candidate


Michael J. Urban

Age: 49

Occupation: Hospitality concierge at Holiday Inn Express

Political experience: None


Why are you running for City Commission?

Raney: It’s been my honor and pleasure to represent my fellow citizens. Many have expressed positive opinions regarding my leadership, and the decisions I’ve made in representing them. I’ve lived up to the promises to which I was elected. We are going in the right direction, and I would love to continue guiding our city’s positive growth.

Schiffbauer: I’m running for City Commission because the citizens of Leavenworth deserve an open and transparent government with new and innovative leadership. For too long, we have accepted the status quo by making Band-Aid infrastructure improvements and creating an unhealthy business environment that burdens potential new business and industry resulting in damaged commerce. This must stop. It is time for a new direction of leadership with innovative ideas, efficiency and transparency in government.

Urban: I am running for city commissioner to help put Leavenworth back on the right track. We have eternal problems that need addressed and should be prioritized and then fixed. I believe our town can do more with tourism than what is being done currently. I love this town. I would like to improve our city’s conditions.


What qualifications or experiences do you feel have prepared you for a position on the City Commission?

Raney: I have served as a Leavenworth County alternate delegate from 2010-2012 and from 2012-2014, Leavenworth County precinct committeeman from 2014-2016 and from 2016-2018, the city financial claims reviewer from 2016-2017 and currently serving over two years as your city commissioner.

Schiffbauer: I enlisted in the Army Reserve in 2007 and served for eight years as a combat medic. I earned a bachelor’s of science in interdisciplinary arts from Liberty University with cognates in health care sciences and Bible. I have worked at the Eisenhower VA Medical Center for six years. My job as a peer counselor has taught me listening skills that allow me to hear the challenges of people and advocate on their behalf.

Urban: I have been in retail sales management for 25 years so I know how to manage time, people, inventory and books. I have book smarts, street smarts and common sense. I listen to the issues of all sides to determine the results by communication with all parties involved.


What do you feel are the most important issues facing the City Commission?

Raney: Adding employment, answering our Police Department’s concerns for better enforcement and retention, and our dilapidated sewer system are some of our most pressing issues, to which we are currently addressing. We should do better at addressing our city events and festivals, which help bring in outside dollars.

Schiffbauer: Improving city roads and transportation by exploring additional roadway improvements, bringing in new businesses and making Leavenworth business-friendly, listening to citizens’ needs to advocate on their behalf and keeping Leavenworth safe by maintaining traditional family values.

Urban: This commission is dealing with a deterioration of our infrastructure. Parks, sidewalks, streets and water pipes all need updated. Also extremely angry citizens that feel that we are not properly informed on city decisions. Old laws need to be updated or taken off the books. There is only a little communication now between officials and the citizens.