This is the final installment in a series that has profiled candidates for Leavenworth City Commission. The primary for the City Commission race will take place Tuesday. The primary will narrow the field of at-large candidates from 11 to six.


Lisa Weakley

Age: 59

Occupation: City commissioner/antique dealer

Political experience: Three terms as a city commissioner. First elected in 2003 and served as mayor from April 2005-2006. My second term was from April 2007-2011, serving as mayor in 2008-2009. Current term is from April 2013 through December 2017 and as mayor in 2015-2016.


Jermaine Wilson

Age: 30

Occupation: Government contractor

Political experience: While I’ve worked closely with community leaders, churches and the Police Department in starting Unity in the Community, I haven’t been involved in politics. I will bring a fresh perspective and voice to running the city.


Why are you running for City Commission?

Weakley: I am running for the City Commission because of my continued desire to help Leavenworth grow and provide opportunities for all of its citizens to thrive. This desire started in 1996 when I became involved with community activism in the Northeast Area Crime Watch program and led to many neighborhood improvements.

Wilson: I want to help meet the needs of the people in our community and be a strong voice for all the people in Leavenworth. Our city needs to be unified. I want to bring our city hope, peace and make it a safe environment to raise our children.


What qualifications or experiences do you feel have prepared you for a position on the City Commission?

Weakley: Serving 12 years on the commission, I bring proven leadership and demonstrated fiscal responsibility by keeping property taxes low. I offer a proactive stance for existing and new businesses, while preserving historical downtown buildings. Citizens have urged me to run, saying I listen to their concerns and support their issues.

Wilson: As a community activist, I help meet the needs of the people in our community by providing jobs, clothes and food. I mentor our community’s children and regularly provide recreational activities and events. I work with the Leavenworth Police Department to build strong, positive relationships among local residents and police.


What do you feel are the most important issues facing the City Commission?

Weakley: Improve the growth of young families by bringing good paying jobs to the community, promoting affordable housing development, supporting existing housing quality by updating the property maintenance code with fair and consistent enforcement. Address aging infrastructure needs with a Stormwater Program Policy and funding source that is fair and equitable. 

Wilson: The City Commission must work to reduce crime and drug use in our community, provide jobs, invest in youth and family activities, and serve as a representative for all the people in Leavenworth.

– John Richmeier